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Consulting Page

Consulting Page

Al Intisar Analytics Consulting – Systematically helping organizations rethink how to create value across the value chain. We help organizations like you to uncover insight from data to shape the products and services  you offer.


To beat the ever growing competition across different industries, organizations like you to need to deliver insight at speed and workable solutions at scale.

  •  In 2021 and beyond, you need to process data from multiple sources and have a holistic 360-degree customer profile
  •  To make the right business decisions its essential for organizations to use data and  predictive analytics to gain important insights which help achieve business transformation.
  • Businesses need to identify most value and meaningful insights from data, and convert


On average the amount of data being produced by enterprise is increasing at a rate of 40 to 60% per year. Medium to large enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to store, manage, utilize and analyze data. That's where Al Intisar's Consulting services come in.

Since 2010, Al Intisar's Consultants have been assisting clients with revamping or implementing their analytics solutions.

Highlights about our consulting services:

  • We have worked on all major platforms including MongoDB, Cassandra, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP.
  •  We have successfully consulted major clients including Huawei, Jazz Telecom, Reckitt Benckiser, Meezan Bank, Pak Qatar Takaful, Ecovis Al Sabti, Standard Chartered, Muller and Phillips and a host of other top blue chip conglomerates.
  • Our team of domain level experts have over 100+ years of analytics related experience between them.




them into competitive advantages.

Consulting Services we offer:

1. Digital Analytics
Businesses require more and more data centric approach with the emergence of search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing. Every day more than 4 million hours of content is uploaded on YouTube, while on Facebook more then 4.3 million messages are posted daily.
Now more then ever it has become a necessity for marketers to utilize analytics solutions for making informed decision making.

2. Business Analytics
You need to answer key questions to drive better growth and outcomes.
Data is everywhere and sorting through through data to locate what is useful and pertinent to your business is a necessary skill to be effective in the current business environment.

3. Marketing Analytics
Where and why should you spend your next marketing dollar?

Our consulting experts will help you gain a clear understanding of how to improve your effectiveness and exponentially improve your ROI.

4. Data Analysis and Insights
Organizations are widely embracing analytics to streamline operations and improve their processes.Implementing data analytics that helps in intelligent decision making is not as easy as a snap of the fingers.

5. Data Storytelling
Data inundates businesses in every aspect – managing this data is more and more important.There is more to just showing data. Having the right tools and capability to express what counts is equally if not more important.

6. Testing & Personalization
You need to test out different proposition to understand what works best for your business and what converts the most number of customers.
Our consulting solutions facilitate personalizing analytics for customers, optimizing advertising revenues and gaining critical mass for your business.

7. Data Visualization
Tech companies are not the only enterprises which are focused on data analysis – any kind of business is. There are many products in the data visualization market. We at Al Intisar have implemented all major data visualization tools including Tableau, Oracle OBIEE, SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos and Power BI.

8. Data Management
We help our partners from concept to implementation of appropriate business intelligence and data management application systems.

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