Company Secretarial

PSC Register Maintenance & Company Secretarial Services

Seamlessly manage your company secretarial services & PSC Register with Accountax as your legal and regulatory advisory partner. Accountax offers its clients up-to-date regulatory advisory and company formation services. Keep your business on top of its regulatory requirements and comply with all regulatory laws.

People with Significant Control (PSC) Register Services

Comply with UK laws and regulations regarding PSC and onboard Accountax to seamlessly manage your PSC Register.

  • Providing accurate and updated information on individuals with significant shareholding
  • Ensuring legal compliance and presenting records for inspection by relevant authorities
  • Producing documents stating factual details and information regarding shareholders on your PSC Register to Companies House upon request.

Complete Legal & External Affairs Business Services

Company formation
Save time and resources by onboarding Accountax to take care of the endless documentation and filing for registering your business. 1. Company Name Registration 2. Company Memorandum 3. Articles of Association 4. Share Certificates
Changes in Company Officers
Accountax will notify the Registrar of Companies about changes in Company Officers along with the necessary documentation for the Companies House as per requirement.
Company Searches
Accountax can carry out extensive research and searches for your business to better understand your customers, competitors, and general business environment. To prepare your organization for economic uncertainties, Accountax can undertake company searches on your behalf and interpret information filed at the Companies House.
Restructuring of Share Capital
Change your organization’s capital structure without a hassle with guidance and advice from Accountax and its experienced professionals. 1. Change Voting Rights 2. Change Dividend Rights 3. File Appropriate Paperwork
Provision of Registered Office facilities
Accountax can take care of all your legal and regulatory requirements by hosting your registered office and receiving all formal legal notices.
Amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association
Accountax can take care of all changes & discrepancies in your Company’s constitution keeping all regulatory and legal requirements in mind.