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E-Jarah Islamic Consumer Solution

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eJARAH Leasing

eJARAH Leasing is a completely Shariah-Compliant Leasing Software Solution to serve the business requirements of financial institutions offering Leasing Services on Islamic Principles.

Built on Apvision’s corporate philosophy of creating profitable Islamic alternatives to conventional financing, eJARAH Leasing is designed to address the prevalent challenges in Islamic leasing market. eJARAH Leasing offers smart Shariah-Compliant Leasing features coupled with reliable support and effective market statistics and research using state of the art technology.

The solution is designed to work on various Islamic financing modes such as Ijarah, Murabaha, and Diminishing Musharakah to suit the business needs of our clients.


  • Parameter Driven
  • Portfolio Management
  • Collaterals Management
  • Mark to Market Evalutaion
  • Automated log keeping of all Processes/Events
  • Shariah-Compliant Credit Request Management
  • Template Driven Long-term and Short-Term Loan Schedules
  •  Underwritings
  • Islamic Financial Calculators
  • Billing and Settlement
  • Financial Analysis
  • Automated Credit Approval Cycle
  • Decision support for Credit Evaluation

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