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Operating in fast markets, decision makers cannot afford to make today’s decisions tomorrow. yet they cannot let their decisions go off target either. Decisions need to be made fast and made objective.  In such demanding scenario, organizations need high level of visibility into their business.

Decision makers must know events as soon as they happen. They need objective evaluation of their past and accurate insight on what’s coming with loads of transactional data archived in corporate databases, organizations need the tools to extract insight from this data.

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of analyzing organization’s accumulated data and extracting useful insight from it. It provides decision makers with the right information, at the right time, in the right place, enabling them to make better decision.

A fully-integrated BI solution, SAPIENCE TM  is armed with leading edge capabilities for reporting, querying, analysis and information subscription that empower users to extract and share profound business insight throughout their enterprise and beyond.


  • Portal
  • Multidimensional Reporting
  • Powerful Querying
  • Sophisticated Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Guided Analysis
  • Scorecard
  • Dashboard
  • Preemptive Alerting
  • Event Publishing & Evaluation
  • Collaboration


Powerful single panel query building capabilities

Unparalleled data manipulation and visualization option provide maximum flexibility to users

Discover trends and patterns early and dig deep into data to uncover causes

Analyze interrelationship among products, establish casual relationships

and group data exhibiting similar patterns

Facilities enterprise wide  collaboration with leading edge capabilities for information subscription and alerting

Generate output customized and personalized to each user’s domain of responsibility

Constantly monitor business to know of events requiring immediate attention like stock depletion

Discover critical & concise insight in quick time-frame

Enable collaboration across the supply chain for

pruning sourcing costs and strengthening customer relationship

Speed deployment and acceptance with minimal training and administration

Report, analyze and query corporate data on intranet or internet

Use a few clicks or a simple drag and drop to generate reports instantaneously or change their complexion

Drill data across any business dimension or combination of any business dimensions

Sift through loads of data to extract information as per user query, like “What characterizes the Top 10% of my product’s market?”

Seek instantaneous answer to complex business questions like “Which products have upward revenue trend and where is their sale concentrated?”

Subscribed to personalized information for delivery on your portal, mobile or email

Grant access to data and features with role based rights management

Set alerts for notification on portal, mail or mobile

Make use of analytical and statistical function to track and understand data relationships

Prove secured and rules based information access to suppliers and customers with extranet

Explore data in a business and web-familiar navigation environment

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