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eStox Murabaha

Al Intisar Islamic stock-trading & Real-time financing software suite, is designed for facilitating banks, brokerage houses and Investment Companies to offer their clients real-time online trading and Islamic financing for investment in capital markets comprising of a suite of modules that facilitate financial institutions and their customers to invest into the equities market.

Through eStox, financial institutions can provide collateralized lending to their clients against Institutions can develop an investment pool from different sources and facilitate onward financing to end clients using eStox in a fully collateralized, low risk fashion, leveraging revenue potential for the institution from both sourcing and onward financing.

The eStox System Intelligently

Manages the investor’s risk by using predefined criteria by the institution on a case to case basis, providing real-time information, alerts and even automated sale to minimize risk. The system provides key features such as direct trade execution, real-time online financing, after hours trading, back office settlement, portfolio management, and margin monitoring.

Institutions can develop an investment pool from different sources and facilitate onward financing to end clients using eStox in a fully collateralized, low risk fashion, leveraging revenue potential for the institution from both sourcing and onward financing.

Swift Settlement procedures

Swift Settlement procedures are integrated within the eStox suite, to facilitate direct Settlement of executed trades, commission adjustments, tax calculations, brokerage billing, and trade contracts. Customers maintaining their accounts with access to eStox can be enabled to invest in equities, mutual fund units, and other investment opportunities, by integration with stock exchanges. Provisions are available for other product offerings, such as Commodity Trading, Futures Trading, etc. for catering to vast customer requirements.

eStox offers smart trading features coupled with reliable support and effective market statistics and research using state-of-the-art technology. eStox is built upon market driven challenges, value addition and years of customer confidence.

W³ TRADING® – World Wide Web Trading 2.0

eStox facilitates trading based on the client’s allocated margin. Margin trading facilitates customers to leverage existing securities for purchasing additional ones. Customer accounts are protected against overdraft by providing a pre-sanctioned convenient line of credit. eStox is a complete solution to track margin balance and collateral valuation in real time, and activity information for customer accounts, including real-time market rates, customer account balances, Financing Limits, trade logs, margin checks, and real-time portfolio valuation.

The Key Features of W³ TRADING® are Listed Below

News updates.
Margin Trading.
Equity market research.
Order matching.
After hours trading.
Real-time market updates.
Security measures.
Multiple exchange setup
Multiple broker setups.
Online trade execution.
Trading Against Cash.
Trading gateway integration.
Real-time equity trade financing
Limit Order, Market Order & Stop Loss Order
Assortment of Order Placement Options

The following are the key features offered by ETFS

Dynamic margin call monitoring in real-time.
Maintain collateral at safe levels.
Alert for Non-Performing Loan accounts.
Scalable to multiple database platforms.
Capital and reserve monitoring.
Hassle free maintenance and support.
Collateral tracking.
Electronic gateway integration.
Integration with trading interface.
Alert for Margin Call on customer accounts.
Multiple levels of security and access control.
Automatic calculation of available financing limit.
Seamless integration with other external systems for optimum functionality.
Loan servicing and customer account maintenance features.
Alert before forced-selling against customer accounts.
Seamless integration with major core systems and other enterprise applications.

The following are the key features of BOSS ®

Integration with the trading platform.
Physical/CDC shares inventory.
Settlement date schedules.
Brokerage slabs and categories.
Cost factors input.
Clearing house/brokers exposure reports.
Client exposure summary.
Periodic and summary reports.
Tax calculations and reports.
Market valuation of stocks.
Equity trade financing provision.
Margin financing provision.
Handling of all type of equity settlements.
Customer’s Bill and Contracts.
Commission history and summary reports.
Brokerage Bills for Multi-Broker Operations.

eStox shortens the transaction settlement cycle by effectively tackling the top ranked post execution challenges faced by organizations trading in capital markets. eStox back-office solutions cover a wide range of asset classes, currencies and OTC products, with fast exception management for prompt discrepancy resolution. The system automates trading of securities and provides reports for management, accounting, and compliance for banks, brokerage houses, and trading departments.


eStox Portfolio Management System can be utilized by individuals, corporations, banks, broker/dealers, mutual fund managers, and hedge fund managers. Depending upon the application, PMS offers value additions for Banks, Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, Mutual Fund managers, and any institution managing investments, also producing extensive reports to facilitate the Investors, Brokers, Fund Managers, etc., also ensuring seamless integration with the Trading, Settlement, and Back Office Systems.

The Portfolio Management System was designed for portfolios of different sizes and various levels of complexity for individuals, corporate, and financial institution portfolio management, managing both equity as well as fixed income securities holdings. Securities can be segregated and compliance reports can also be generated. The system also interfaces with the accounting suite of eStox; the size and number of portfolios is only limited by your disk space.

Al Intisar has leveraged its group knowledge and strength in processing securities and has put that knowledge to use in our Portfolio Management module. The institution can have access to customer holdings by offering to maintain its portfolio and extensive reporting. PMS seamlessly integrates with the online trading system to generate purchase and sale confirmations, thus updating information on holdings seamlessly. eStox integrates with an embedded report writer with which customized reports can be printed easily. Information from the history file can be exported to databases, spreadsheets, or word processors.

The eStox feature set is as under:

Opening stocks.
Present stock holdings.
Electronic trading gateway integration.
Accrual on investments/holdings.
Real-time stock market valuation.
Corporate actions/announcements.
Profit and loss statements.
Risk/exposure monitoring and reporting.
Transaction history.
Managed Fixed Income and Equity Market Securities.
Multiple funds management.
Dividend, bonus and rights handling.
Customized reporting.
Regulatory reporting.
Multiple layers of security including IP restriction.
Online transfer of funds from bank accounts

The key features of FAMS are:

Petty Cash Subsidiaries.
Maintenance of Chart of Accounts
Multiple Voucher Types.
Transaction Vouchers.
Voucher Printing.
Reversal Voucher option.
Subsidiary Ledger.
Cash Book/ Bank Book.
General Journal.
General Ledger.
Audit Trail.
Notes of Accounts.
Trial Balance.
Income statement.
Balance Sheet.
Transaction Ledger.
Accounts Payable/Receivable.

ERAS offers the following:

Access to real-time & historic charts, institutional investment research & technical analysis.
Online stock investment analysis and decision making tools.
Customized research reports and analysis.
Availability of Pre-IPO, Annual Growth Trends and Statistics.

Value Addition

Live Real-time Equity Market Updates.
Stock market research.
Real-time margin call alerts.
Financing facility against margin trades.
Risk monitoring and controls.
Settlement & back office process automation.
Information security measures.
Management reporting.
Administrative control.
Regulatory compliance & state bank reporting.
Integration with KSE trading gateway.
Integration with major banking applications.
Integration with major electronic trading platforms.
Availability of risk management and monitoring tools.
Online availability of corporate actions, announcements and notices.
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