Vsuit-Procure to Payment and Fixed Asset Management

Procure to Payment and Fixed Asset Management Solution

vSuite, Al Intisar’s vendor management software suite offers organizations to automate their entire purchasing and servicing process including requisition, procurement, servicing, depreciation, disposal, leasing, and insurance. vSuite enables office branches from across the globe to communicate with each other using a completely web-based interface. Complemented with SAPIENCE, a business intelligence tool for extensive business insights, vSuite is of immense business value for a sizable organization. Be it vendor performance or branch purchases, vSuite Analytics simplifies decision-making by offering in-depth analysis of data.


vSuite enables a new level of business process and technology integration for procurement and finance departments. Built on latest technology platforms, vSuite has been designed to automate the traditional paper-based processes and workflows of procurement, servicing, finance, and accounting departments of mid to large sized institutions. It is a robust, secure, and scalable browser-based solution that provides businesses with better operational and financial visibility and helps them control their costs.


Employee Dashboard
Requisitioning Management
Procurement Management
Service Management
Payment Management
Billing Management
Asset Leasing Management
Asset Insurance Management
Reporting/Notification Agent
Business Activity Monitoring
Advanced Security Features
Monitoring Expenses Against Budget Allocation

Key Benefits

Significant reduction of paper documents through provision of online formats for quick retrieval of information
Efficient maintenance of historical information to record the allocation and de-allocation of assets to various business segments throughout their lifecycle
Implementation of vSuite’s well-structured process flows based on best industry practices leads to better transparency and significant improvements in internal governance standards
Customizable list of expense types (Telephone, Electricity, Courier, Janitorial, etc.)
It uses the power of the Internet to prepare, track, approve and reimburse expense claims
Reduction in manual handoffs leading to minimum human errors
Reporting, management and the ability to have an overview of the discrepancies, provide a clear and accurate picture of budget status
Quick response to changes in business operations and market conditions
Extensive information coverage at all stages of decision-making
Better monitoring of operations and quicker resolution of queries
Employee dashboard provides the employee with an easy and quick access to the routine tasks performed by Individual
Effective linkages with remote locations and branches thereby enhancing asset visibility
Helps in determining the average time a particular vendor takes to deliver goods after placement
Sophisticated evaluation and short-listing of vendors on the basis of comparative analysis
Make use of analytical and statistical functions to track and understand data relationships
Effective recording and tracking of invoices based on Purchase Order and the Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
Overall position of vendor regarding the total ordered items, total supplied items and total returns due to substandard quality
Recording and tracking of invoices based on contracts and confirmation of service
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