DEMAGH™ – Pharma Analytics

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DEMAGH™ Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics in pharmaceuticals for sales and inventory management from Al Intisar Solutions (Private) Limited, involves using data analysis and modeling techniques to Predict future sales trends, optimize inventory levels, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Sales Forecasting/Predictions

Predictive models analyze historical sales data, considering factors like seasonality, market trends, promotional activities, and external influences (like economic conditions or regulatory changes). These models then forecast future sales for different products or regions within a certain confidence interval.

Inventory Optimization

By predicting sales trends, companies can optimize inventory levels to meet future demand while minimizing excess stock. DEMAGH™ helps in determining the right quantity of each product to have in stock at any given time, reducing carrying costs and preventing stockouts.

Demand Planning

Understanding demand patterns enables better resource allocation, production planning, and supply chain management. It helps in aligning manufacturing schedules with anticipated demand to avoid overproduction or shortages.

Risk Assessment

DEMAGH™ Predictive analytics can identify potential risks such as supply chain disruptions, regulatory changes, or market shifts. This information allows companies to proactively mitigate these risks and develop contingency plans.

Customer Insights

Analyzing sales data will provide insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. This information can be used to tailor marketing strategies, develop targeted campaigns, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Implementing DEMAGH™

Implementing DEMAGH™

Predictive analytics involves leveraging advanced statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and big data technologies to process and analyze vast amounts of data. Additionally, it DEMAGHTM integrates various data sources, such as sales data, historical records, market trends, and external factors, into a unified system for analysis.

DEMAGH™ – Pharma Analytics

However, it's important to note that while DEMAGHTM predictive analytics can provide valuable insights, it's not foolproof. External factors, unexpected events, and market uncertainties can influence outcomes. Regular validation and adjustment of models are necessary to ensure accuracy and relevance.

DEMAGH™ – Pharma Analytics

Pharma Analytics

Refers to the application of data analysis and business intelligence techniques in the pharmaceutical industry.

Practical Case Study

Al Intisar’s Practical Case Study

of Implementing Predictive Analytics for Pharma Company in Pakistan.

Optimizing Sales Performance in a Pharma Company

Pharmaceuticals is a leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes a range of medications. The company operates in a competitive market with a diverse product portfolio, catering to various areas. To enhance sales performance and improve overall business outcomes, ABC Pharmaceuticals decided to test results of sales predictive analytics by using Al Intisar Services.


Sales Forecasting
Predict future sales for different products and regions to test the capability of Al Intisar and view how precise prediction can be for future sales.

Product Performance
Analyze the performance of different products in the market by looking at future trends.

Promotion Effectiveness
Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and promotional activities.

Al Intisar Solutions adopted following steps for Predictive Analytics

Data Collection

  • Pharma Company provided historical sales data, including product sales, customer information, and market trends for past three years to Al Intisar.

Data Cleaning and Integration

  • Data was cleaned and preprocessed to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Data was integrated from various sources to create a unified dataset for analysis.

Feature engineering

Feature engineering was carried out, Feature Engineering refers to manipulation — addition, deletion, combination, mutation — of data set to improve machine learning model training, leading to better performance and greater accuracy

Model Development

  • Multiple predictive models were tested for sales forecasting, such as linear regression, time series analysis, decision trees, neural networks.
  • Machine learning algorithms were utilized to develop predictive models for sales forecasting.
  • Implemented customer segmentation models based on factors like purchasing history, demographics, and geographical location.
  • Analyzed product performance and identify features that correlate with success.

Validation and Testing

  • Al Intisar team validated the predictive models using historical data to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • Models were tested on a subset of data to assess their performance and necessary adjustments were made.

Implementation and Integration

  • Integrated the predictive analytics models into the existing sales

Sales Forecasting

Predictive Analytics by Al Intisar showed 98.7% percentage precision in prediction after comparing with actual data. Benefits a Pharma Company take from this exercise

Targeted Marketing

By understanding customer segments and their behaviors, the company can tailor marketing strategies to specific groups, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Optimized Product Portfolio

Identifying underperforming and high-potential products allows ABC Pharmaceuticals to adjust its product portfolio for better market responsiveness.

Enhanced Promotion ROI

Analyzing the effectiveness of promotions enables the company to allocate resources strategically, maximizing the impact of marketing campaigns.


Implementing sales predictive analytics can prove to be a strategic move for ABC Pharma, providing actionable insights to drive revenue growth, optimize marketing efforts, and enhance overall sales efficiency.

This case study demonstrates the practical application of sales predictive analytics and capabilities of Al Intisar in the pharmaceutical industry, showcasing its potential to transform business outcomes through data-driven decision-making.

Meet Our DEMAGH™ Team

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Syed Qutub Ahmed


Farooq Hashmi


Syed Qutub Ahmed

Versatile, dynamic executive officer providing decisive leadership, management and guidance;, with a proven ability to dramatically increase revenues in intensely competitive environments. Strong organizer, motivator and team player with established record of success in identifying new and emerging business opportunities. Highly skilled in developing operational strategies and directing major projects from original concepts to implementation. Areas of expertise  
  • New Business Development
  • IT Business Valuations
  • Strategic Visioning / Planning
  • Raising Capital / Listing in Stock Exchanges
  • BI & Data Warehouse Implementation
  • Corporate / Business Development
  • Management / IT Team Development
  • Product Development / Enhancement
  • E- Commerce Strategy & Development
  • Project Management / Leadership
  • Building Strategic Alliances and Partnerships
  • New Technology Development / Transfer
Has a background of over 20+ years in marketing, developing and implementing 200+ financial industry projects and worked for major International corporate Stock Market brokerage houses, Asset Management Companies and Commercial Banks some of them are Jardine Fleming, ING Bearing, Jahangir Siddique , Bank AL Falah, Standard Chartered Bank, BMA Capital, First Capital, Altlas Investment Bank, ABAMCO and AMZ Group and has in depth knowledge of capital markets, clients requirements and marketing strategies. Has extensive experience in negotiating, financing and executing investments, as well as wide-ranging expertise in the areas of capital markets, Islamic & conventional banking , restructuring, turn-around and management of technology companies. Mr. Qutub has good relations with existing technology companies, brokerage houses and the business community of Pakistan as a whole. Conceived and developed a complete Real Time Shariah-Compliant Shares Trading and Financing System (Islamic CFS). This system works as an alternative for Continuous funding system for Capital markets financing. The only system of its kind developed on shariah principles in MENA region and serves as major liquidity management platform for Islamic banks. Data warehousing and Business Intelligence Implementation is one of the key areas of expertise. Projects implemented helped organizations anticipate and optimize business opportunities. Implemented Data Warehouse Solution for Banking, Textile and Secondary Sales. In Banking Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse implemented on T-24, Core Banking. Expert Hands on experience as a visionary and strategic planner in leading, directing, articulating, advancing and evaluating overall strategic and tactical planning. Extensive administrative, operational, fiscal and program management ; initiating and maintaining professional contacts with organizational affiliates, special interest groups and corporate partners; and highly effective organizational liaison with and service to, a diverse national and international community of stake holders

Farooq Hashmi

Farooq Hashmi is a seasoned professional in the pharmaceutical industry with a career spanning a little over 34 years. He holds a bachelor in pharmacy from Karachi University and an MBA (with major in Marketing) from a well reputed business school in Karachi. During a 34 years long career, he served top MNCs like Wellcome Pakistan Ltd. and Bristol Myers Squibb, Aga Khan Health Service Pakistan, IQVIA (formerly IMS Health) and Hilton Pharma among others. He has extensive experience of pharmaceutical sales & marketing and data analytics coupled with other skills like leading people and processes, training & development, strategic planning & execution and strong interpersonal skills. Has worked both at the grass route and executive levels acquiring unmatched skills and experience enabling him to demonstrate his skills in sales and management at leadership positions.

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