DEMAGH™ For Banking Analytics Solution

Operations can become really complex in the ongoing effort to properly streamline collect and utilize data. This is even more pertinent in the financial industry where big data holds potential but also has its pitfalls as well

Restructured Data
A lot of data is good for your business if it can be restructured in such a way that it becomes more usable and accessible for the common business user. Many business users may not be acclimatized and familiar with SQL, data science and analytics. DEMAGH™ ensures that your data is more understandable which in turn helps your business users and decision makers to utilize the data for their financial business purposes.
Improved Decision Making
Businesses base informed decision making on data, so having high quality usable data on hand means improved decision making. In 2021 and beyond, a product offering like DEMAGH™ helps your financial predictions be precise and profitable.
Easier Data Integration
A single repository of big data in DEMAGH™ helps in streamlining data sets coming from different sources.

The banking sector need to put their organizational and strategic muscle into analytics

It needs to become a true business discipline. More and more banks are opting for DEMAGH™ Banking Data warehouse solution; here’s why

More and more data means additional problems

Banks have different systems in place and run different applications for their daily operations. It would be really simple if all banking related data is kept in one place but it’s not that simple. From core banking systems to online banking to software solutions for mortgages, investments and treasuries; the list is long. For the normal business user extracting such information and utilizing to make business decisions can be a challenge. That’s why more and more banking institutions are using DEMAGH™ Banking Data Warehouse Solution to standardize and simplify the way they gather data.

Understand your data to know your customers better

The best way to gain insight on your customer is by knowing the 360-degree view of each customer. The better you know your customer in today’s highly competitive landscape the better you will understand their needs. The most appropriate way to gain this insight is through improved data management and analysis. With DEMAGH™ Banking Data warehouse solution you can be 100% sure your data is accurate and hence make more informed decisions about each individual customer and as segments.

More accurate process of measuring success and accounting for stumbling blocks

One of the most important performance indicators for banking and financial institutions is to understand why and where they are succeeding and areas for improvement. With DEMAGH™ Banking Data Warehouse Solution you can report on all banking data – historical and current. With our product you can consolidate all historical and real-time data across different systems and provide to relevant business users to make informed decisions.

Many major banking industry players have chosen DEMAGH™ Banking Data Warehouse Solution including Meezan Bank, Standard Chartered, Summit Bank among others.

The benefits they have received out of this implementation include

Facilitating the analytics roadmap

Many banks are looking to use financial data in a variety of analytics pursuits – most commonly they are predictive and real-time. Banks are taking advantage of DEMAGH™ Banking Data Warehouse Solution to discover patterns in financial data sets to be strategically placed to take advantage of future events.

Capturing Customer Data

Customers are using multiple channels on multiple devices, so collecting relevant data on customers is becoming really important. DEMAGH™ Banking Data Warehouse Solution gives customers the ability to capture each interaction with customers, thus giving banks and financial institutions unparalleled insight into what drives your clientele.

Supports Banks in Personalization of Services for Customers

To be more competitive with respect to competitor, banks are seeking to engage more with customers. Through data science and use of big data more and more banks are able to share personalized messages with customers. Banks are utilizing the power of sharing personalized messaging to customers to enhance their profitability and reduce churn rate by engaging customers with the most effective message at the most appropriate time.
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