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  • DEMAGH empowers pharma conglomerates in making intelligent decision makingacross the enterprise.
  • DEMAGH: Enabling pharma companies to make business decisions that scale their sales efforts and improve the health of their supply chain
  • DEMAGH: Your gateway to make the right sales decisions, improve supply chain and
    operational efficiency.

Data is the strategic differentiator for pharma companies that want to be profitable.

DEMAGH is a solution that will enable your business to:

  • Solve sales and business-related problems, gain important insights and make improved decision-making.
  • Get an exponentially more in-depth insight into strategic and operational issues within your supply chain and logistics flow
  •  Leverage past sales data to develop an annual strategic plan and roadmap of required
    budgets. (secondary sales angle)

Change in Stakes

  •  McKinsey reports operational efficiencies from improved advanced analytics can range
    from anywhere from 15 to 30 percent of EBITDA over five years.
  • More pharma players are looking to open up their important data to third parties, thus
    making data management an area of focus for corporate leaders.
  •  New, niche, and underserved markets are being spotted by analyzing sales analytics data


  •  Scattered big data sets across the sales and supply chain result in cost inefficiencies and
    lost opportunity for profit-making decisions.
  •  A single platform for analysis, planning, and supply chain management is essential to
    pivot your business story from that one of mediocrity to enhanced efficiency.
  • Optimize your distribution channels for branded, OTC, and generic products.
  •  Shorten time to market by leveraging insights in a single platform from your sales and supply functions
  •  Gain an in-depth overview of each brand and SKUs performance and contribution margin across all sales outlets

Change in Stakes

Pharma companies are increasingly facing significant opportunities and challenges amid the use of analytics and digital technology by industry players. (prediction & demand planning and analysis, prescription)


DEMAGH's Pharma solution will help you stay ahead of the curve by leveraging advanced
analytics capabilities within your organization.

Super Power

  • DEMAGH is the solution for your transformation through a one-window system for sales, supply chain, and planning
  •  Our cost-efficient cloud-based storage shifts the focus away from data management towards data availability & access to augment analysis
  • With DEMAGH your supply chain planning will be based on real-time consumption data and real market demand

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