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DEMAGH™ – Data WareHouse and Analytics

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Potential for financial institutions in Data is demanding to be tapped - Are you ready to capitalize?

DEMAGH™ Banking Data warehouse is a solution to empower your Data for innovative and advanced analytical technologies

DEMAGH™ enables financial institutions to empower your organization to:

  1. Store multi-structured data in an organized and accessible manner
  1. Increase speed time-to-analytics, reduce overall cost of ownership and increase the productivity of your analytics workforce
  2. Gain insights that are compelling enough to make profitable business decisions

Prediction point

Why do you need to adopt DEMAGH™'s Banking Data Warehouse & Analytics approach?

More and more companies are looking to:
  • 01 Make proactive decisions by leveraging new, faster, and more accurate sources of data
  • 02 Improve existing products and services while capturing new and emerging markets by leveraging data architectures built for BIg Data from the get-go
  • 03 Empower their teams and the broader organization to act on data by distributing insights and analysis to a wider range of decision-makers


The hurdle in financial institutions being agile is the time delays required for decisions to be made only at the top of the organization. Hence, there is a growing need for providing analytics and reporting tools to a broader set of decisions makers

Businesses are increasingly making profitable business decisions that are data-intensive but in many cases, their solution infrastructure is holding them back.

Core banking solutions are not the right fit for solving business problems in 2021 & beyond.

The Results

Using a modern DEMAGH™ DWH & Analytics solution versus core banking solution:

With DEMAGH™ you can handle your scalability needs and self-regulate performance – That’s when you really start making proactive decisions

Core banking solutions are not designed for analysis and insights – with DEMAGH™ 100% of time will be spent on analysis and insights.

Change in Stakes

  1. If you want to concentrate on strategy & transformation then legacy data warehouses will cost you more and inhibit any focus on opening new categories and service paradigms in your niche.
  2.  Legacy data warehouses cannot flexibly meet your business’s needs.
  3. 2021 & beyond financial institutions need built-in mature predictive analytics solutions – legacy data warehouse solutions can’t facilitate the process towards transformative decision making.

Super Power

  1. Better understand, predict and give customers what they want through DEMAGH™ Banking Data warehouse. Packaged for use with any Core Banking Application.

  2. DEMAGH™ Banking Data warehouse supports a range of platforms including Cassandra, Oracle, Microsoft, Qlik View, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, among a host of other options.
  3. DEMAGH™ Banking Data warehouse contains separate models and one consolidation for analysis to empower management to make well timed and disruptive decisions

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