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10 May
Hand holding virtual cloud computing with world and technology item such as upload download. Cloud technology management big data include business strategy , customer.
What is predictive analytics and latest techniques disrupting enterprises
Category: Services
What is predictive analytics? Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics that is utilized to make predictions about unknown future events. Predictive analytics uses ...
05 May
Latest Trends in Big Data
Latest Trends in Big Analytics in 2021 (New Guide)
Category: Services
Over the past decade or so, analytics has been revolutionized. Data became big and exploded. Companies got access to the cloud. Insightful data visualizations and interactive bu...
28 Apr
blog #4
SQL Vs No SQL – Why the IT Industry is Transitioning to No SQL?
Category: Services
Ever since the database technologies were incepted, the IT industry has been going through a transitional phase. On that note, SQL vs No SQL is a hotly debated topic where many ...
28 Apr
Data Analytics Methods
7 Extremely Useful Data Analysis Methods & Techniques
Category: Services
For most government agencies, businesses and financial sector institutions the lack of data is not a problem area. In fact, it’s the opposite in most cases. There exists abundan...
26 Apr
Data Driven Decision Making
Category: Services
The exploding quantity of data has the potential to fuel a new era of evidence based innovation for corporates. Buoyed by hopes of streamlining operations, better satisfying cus...
04 Apr
7 Step Guide to Building a Data Warehouse
Category: Services
Analytics has advanced at a rapid rate and dramatically in recent years, and many organizations are taking advantage of it. To be fully able to utilize ALL your valuable data it...
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