Why Siren

FB group has grown into of the most prominent construction companies in Bahria Town.

We have developed and managed an array of Residential, Commercial and Retail properties throughout Bahria Town Rawalpindi. We envision world class standards of luxury for our residents and for this purpose, we have ambitiously taken our projects to the pinnacle of excellence! Having successfully completed numerous projects under our supervision, we are now working on our next masterpiece.

Our projects are known for their exceptional standards of construction that we have thrived so hard for, coupled with state of the art architectural designs.

Development in Pakistan

Pakistan located in South Asia, is the 2nd biggest market in the region. Relatively low competition & a rapidly growing economy are some of the key factors to attract foreign investor here.

However, despite its size, it’s still relatively unknown among foreign companies & investors.

Pakistan is also part of the Next – Eleven (N-II) countries in the world.
According to Goldman Sachs Inc., these countries have the potential to become world’s largest economy of the 21st century.

Pakistan’s population is rapidly growing and is predicted to reach 300 million by 2050. Imagine the possibilities Pakistan’s Economy unlocks in the future for business and employment opportunities.

A Location you are Bound to Cherish!

We want you to witness the best that Bahria Town has to offer. Keeping this in mind, we made sure to have our tower located in a prime spot i.e. Business District Bahria Town, Islamabad. This makes it close to numerous landmarks, tourists attraction sites & parks, roads & other essential places.

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